Starting Halftoning

Having done image denoising I have now started implementing inverse image halftoning. This might get a little tricky because I do not have a C implementation and just some Matlab. But I think I can use most of the image denoising code becuase the concepts used are almost the same. While I was reading this paper on image halftoning using wavelets they mentioned that the approach was similar to that of image denoising. Since halftoned data is basically a very noisy but elegant looking image, I decided to try the current denoising plug-in on a halftoned image. The results, as expected, were not great but showed that the concepts could be used with some slight modification. I will be working on that over the next couple of days. Here are the results that I got on using the denoising plug-in:

halftoned image1

halftoned image


image obtained after denoising


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