The start of summer

Well my summer as officially started and will mainly go by in implementing various wavelet based applications for GIMP. This what this blog is about and I will mainly discuss various things I am implementing. A rough proposal for the same can be found here.

I have already started working on making a jpeg2000 plug-in using libraries provided by the Jasper project. So far I have installed vmware on my windows and got an ubuntu system working for the necessary development. I have installed the jasper libraries and have gone over the jpeg2000 paper that they have provided. I tried using the code on some test images and it seems to be working fine. One thing which bugs me is that on convering an image to jpeg2000, there are no parameters that I can input. I was guessing there would such an option depending on how much wavelet coefficient to choose. I may have to go over the manual to see what is going on there. Other than that the libraries seem to be well written and documented so I should not have trouble using them. After doing some more reading today, tomorrow I will look more closely at the given code and hopefully get something useful out of it so that. Then I will start learning how to write a GIMP plug-in and then things should move along well. I am really excited on learning on how to write plug-in as its been a while since I have done some hardcore C programming. The past year has been all Matlab realted stuff. Well I am officially an engineer now, so theoretically I should not have problems..or will I!!


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